Styles 101: What is Glamour Photography?


Clients often aren’t aware of the intricacies of photography, especially when it comes to the multitude of styles out there that some professional photographers offer. To help them better understand the types of photography that can be illustrated in their carefully created images, this series of posts provides explanations and examples of every photography style listed in Photographer Central.

Glamour photography accentuates the beauty of the human form. Often used in portraits, it may involve models as subject matter. Generally, professional hair and makeup artists are hired to assist. Photo retouching is often used to highlight the beauty of the subject or product being showcased.

While the definition of glamour photography has shifted and evolved over the past few decades, photographers and models generally agree that glamour photography involves selling a fantasy depicted through a combination of posing, aesthetics, and wardrobe.


Photo Credits: Pagan Photography, Sampson Leung Photography, Monica Hofer Photography, Art Studio


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