Make a Great First Impression with Your Photography Site

Making a Great First Impression with Your Photography WebsiteAdvice on how to maximize the aspects of your online presence

Whether it’s on your website or in a directory listing, sharing information online about your photography business is crucial when it comes to putting your best foot forward. Follow the tips below to make sure you’re wowing your prospective clients and making a great first impression.

Showcase Multiple Shoots

Prospective clients won’t get to see your range of skills if they’re only looking at pictures of the same subject against the same background with the same lighting. Having a wide variety of images lets a client know that their photo shoot isn’t going to be an exact replica of someone else’s and will assure them that the results of their shoot will be unique, personalized, and special. Sharing shots from multiple jobs also conveys that you’ve had more than one client. Show off your experience!

Example of showcasing multiple shoots


Limit Your Genres

You might be adept at shooting in seven different categories, but someone looking through seven vastly different portfolios might get overwhelmed. If you specialize in boudoir sessions and high school senior portraits, prospective clients might get confused when looking at all of those images together. You can also consider dividing each genre into separate sections or pages so that clients can choose to only look at the ones they’re most interested in. 


Don't Skimp on Styles

If you shoot in photojournalistic, black and white, with natural light, and more, clients will benefit from seeing examples of every style. For people who aren’t aware of the differences, viewing different photography styles can help them realize their preferences and better communicate what they are looking for when it’s time for a consultation.

Example of showcasing multiple styles


Highlight Your Contact Info

If someone is ready to call you and set up an appointment, they don’t want to spend more than a few minutes looking for your phone number so make sure your contact information is easy to locate.


Keep Your Bio Short and Sweet

Your bio section is great place to show a bit of personality, but clients are going to get a better feel for who you are as an individual when they meet you. By limiting your text, you’re also making sure that your work stays front and center. 

Example of a short and sweet bio


No Distracting Watermarks

Some photographers are adamant about including watermarks on their photos. If you’re one of them, just make sure the watermark is used in a way that doesn’t prevent people from actually seeing the work you put into creating that image. 

Example of a non-distracting watermark


Include Some, But Not All, Pricing

Starting prices can be helpful, especially to give people an idea of whether you realistically fall within their price range, but you might also be able to do custom packages that can only be priced after you better understand a specific client’s needs.

That first impression could make or break your next client’s decision to contact you and, ultimately, book you as their photographer. So invest some time into making sure all of your online marketing channels are in tip-top shape. To boost your online presence, create a profile on Photographer Central—the directory specifically built to showcase photography businesses of every genre—and apply all of these tips to creating the ultimate listing. For more information, visit


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