Business Tip: Offer a Special Deal for Mother’s Day

Boost your photography sales by offering a Mother's Day deal or special offer

Holidays are a great time to boost your sales. With many holidays, there’s a gift element, which means more spending. Mother’s Day is no exception, and it’s less than a month away. Research shows now is the time when most people will be searching for gift ideas.

As a photographer, your services can be the perfect gift for any mom. Whether it’s a family portrait, an individual glamour shoot, a maternity session, or a boudoir shoot, photography makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

If you have an active Photographer Central listing, use your Special Offer feature to create this uniquely themed deal. To make the most of your Mother’s Day deal, try these tips:

  • Check out what other photographers are offering in your area
  • Include the words “Mother’s Day” in your short and long description for SEO
  • Set an end date that falls on or shortly before May 10 to create urgency
  • Make sure your portfolio includes some examples of the type of session you’re offering
  • If you normally have an active special offer, make sure this discount is different enough from your usual one
  • Promote your special deal on social media and your blog


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