Creative DIY Ideas for Your Engagement Pictures

Creative uses for your engagement photos

Many wedding photographers offer engagement shoots as part of their packages. While it may seem like something extra you don’t really need, it’s actually a great way to begin building a relationship with your photographer before the wedding day. Your engagement session will also be a good round of practice for figuring out which poses work best for you, so you can keep them in mind for your wedding shots.

Once you’ve shot your engagement photos, there are so many different ways you can incorporate them into your wedding. Some people will turn these special photos into their save the dates. Table numbers and settings are another great place to use your engagement photos and add a personal touch. And there’s always a good ol’ collage that can hang as decoration at your wedding venue. If you don’t want to go with these classics, here are some DIY ideas to be even more creative with your engagement photography. 

Turn your engagement photos into confetti!

Make custom confetti with your engagement photos by resizing them down to an inch or less. You can use a circle punch to cut out pieces of all sizes. Hang little baggies of the confetti on your aisle seats so that your party guests can shower you with your own faces as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple. You can also sprinkle some on tables as another option for decorations. 

Turn your engagement pictures into custom stamps

Think of all the postage you’ll need in the next few months. Whether it’s your save the dates, wedding invitations, or thank you cards, adding a personal touch will give your friends and family another reason to “aww” at this exciting period of your life. There are many services out there that will allow you to turn your photos into stamps for a small fee. This is a great way to focus on the smaller details and personalize them.

Turn your engagement photos into a keepsake box

While photos themselves are memories that will last a lifetime (if you take care of them), you can use your engagement photos to customize a useful box that will be a timeless keepsake. Pick out your favorite photos in both color and black and white, then decoupage a box that can be used for receiving cards at your wedding and as a memory box afterward. WikiHow has some easy-to-follow steps for your decoupage project. 

Turn your engagement pictures into glass magnets

It’s surprisingly easy to create your own adorable magnets with just some glass marbles and small cutouts of your photos. If you have any leftover confetti, you can turn them into cute little magnets for your fridge. Just be sure to print out the photos on regular paper as opposed to photo paper to help it stick better.

Incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding favors

Whether you’re doing chocolate bars, memento boxes, or treat bags, your wedding favors are one of the best places to add a personal touch. Print custom stickers with your engagement photos to adorn your favors. You can even order candy bars with custom wrappers for a unique treat for your guests. 


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