How to Budget for a Boudoir Photography Session

A resource for planning your boudoir photo shoot

How to budget for your boudoir photo shoot

Whether this is your first or fifth time, hiring a boudoir photographer and planning for the shoot can still come with unknowns. So we polled some of our resident boudoir photographers to answer some of your most pressing questions when it comes to budgeting for a boudoir photo shoot. Here’s what they had to say.

How much should a typical boudoir session cost?

There are plenty of photographers out there who will offer a range of options and packages at different prices. Some of these will include the full works, including professional hair and makeup, or even a full wardrobe and accessories provided during the shoot. These packages can cost upwards $2,000 to $4,000, and are catered towards your high-end clientele.

For clients who may be interested in getting a better deal, there are some boudoir photographers who will offer mini sessions for as low as $250. These types of packages usually include an hour of time with the photographer and one or two different outfits.

While it’s important to find a photographer within your budget, you always have the option of asking a photographer to tailor a package to your needs. Whether it’s starting with the most basic option and adding extra details like using their makeup artist, or asking for a modification to the “full treatment” package because you don’t need some of the extras, the photographer will let you know whether or not that’s something they can do for you. 

What should I expect to get after my boudoir session?

Physical and digital products are definitely the norm these days. This also depends on how a photographer designs their packages and business model, but generally, you should have access to high-quality prints and photobooks, as well as the option of digital downloads. Some of the most common packages will include a book of images, a handful of 5x7 prints, and one large print such as an 11x14. Digital images usually cost an additional fee to purchase as à la carte items.

Lastly, you should expect to feel absolutely fabulous after your session. Some of the best takeaways you’ll get from doing a boudoir shoot is the confidence that you are a beautiful woman and you deserve to be celebrated. 

When is payment expected?

It’s typical to pay a deposit when you schedule the day and time of your shoot with your photographer. That deposit will go towards the full payment that you’ve agreed upon. Be sure to clarify this with your photographer before making any payment.

How can I get the most out of my boudoir session?

Doing your research beforehand is the best thing you can do. Search for boudoir photographers in your area find out how much their different packages cost. Check out their portfolios to make sure their style fits what you have in mind. You want to select a professional who will work within your budget, but also makes you comfortable enough for such an intimate experience. You’re not just paying for the final images, you’re also paying for the experience of working with a seasoned photographer who knows how to bring out the best in you and capture that in stunning photos.

At your consultation, be sure to ask every question you can think of. Don’t leave anything up to chance the day of the shoot because the photographer might not be able to accommodate a last minute request. Bring ideas and examples of other boudoir images that can serve as inspiration, as well as any lingerie or wardrobe ideas you think will work. The photographer should be able to give you feedback so you can plan exactly what you’re going to bring to your shoot. Ask your photographer how you can best prepare for the shoot prior to arriving at the location.

Most importantly, stay open-minded if this is a new experience for you. The satisfaction you’ll get from a boudoir shoot will depend on how much fun you let yourself have. 


Glad to see someone posting real world pricing. My sessions are strictly fine art and include the styling and resort fees packaged in.
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