Photo Tagging Now Available!

Tag your photos in your Photographer Central listing for better profile presentation

Photographer Central was designed to simplify the searching process for photography clients. Making it as painless as possible means helping clients find their perfect photographer faster so they will book appointments even sooner. 

In an effort to continue making this experience as effortless as possible, we’ve launched a new functionality: photo tagging! Starting today, you can tag each of your uploaded portfolio images with one of the categories you’ve selected in your General Info section. Clients searching for any of those keywords will see the tagged photos first in their search results, followed by the rest of your photos. Your entire portfolio will be displayed in its original order in Full Profile view. 

By tagging each of your photos, you’re giving clients a more relevant search results page. If they’re looking for a wedding photographer like you, but you also happen to do family portraits and showcase some of those images in your portfolio, we’ll make sure they’re looking at your wedding samples before they see anything else. 

Photo tagging now available

Send your business to the top of someone’s consideration list by tagging your photos today.

Tag your photos



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