Styles 101: What is Red Carpet Photography?

Many fans of photography aren’t aware of the intricacies of the craft, especially when it comes to the multitude of styles that professional photographers can offer. To help you better understand the types of photography available, this series of posts provides explanations and examples of every photography style listed in Photographer Central.

Red carpet photography from Professional Photography

Bulbs flashing. People calling out your name, vying for a split second of your undivided attention. When someone mentions red carpet photography, this might be what comes to mind. The photographers on the other side of those bulbs, though, actually have a very precise style and job that they often have to accomplish within a very short period of time.

Red carpet photography, mostly limited to high-profile events, describes a style of photography where the professional is required to capture full-length photos and headshots of event attendees, who acknowledge that part of their responsibilities at these events is to walk down the red carpet and intermittently pose for photographers. These photos are often sold as stock to editorial and fashion magazines and newspapers. Because the ultimate goal is to capture an image worthy of being published, red carpet photographers typically shoot hundreds of images very quickly in order to have a variety of photos to choose from before the subject moves too far away.

If you’re planning an event that doesn’t have an official red carpet, this can still be a useful style of photography to consider. Photographers who shoot red carpets have skills that translate very well to general event photography, such as the ability to capture little moments that look great on film, as well as quickly recognizing where the action is taking place. 

Red carpet photography from Corporate Photography

Red carpet photography from McLendon Photography

Red carpet photography from Brandon Vaccaro Studio

Photo credits: Professional Photography, Corporate PhotographyMcLendon PhotographyBrandon Vaccaro Studio


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