Top Five Family Photo Shoot Tips

Top Five Family Photo Shoot Tips by Jill Marzion

Family photo shoots are heartwarming and fun, but there are a number of decisions to make if you want them to go smoothly. The more you consider the details, the better your photos will be. Family photographer Jill Marzion shares her top five tips on how to make your family photo a success.

What to wear (or what not to wear) – Wear an outfit that feels good and don’t overthink it. This may seem obvious, but I often have kids tucking in a shirt or parents looking stiff because it isn’t their everyday clothing. Avoid big logos and bulky tennis shoes; they are distracting and take your eye away from the people in your photos.

Family photo shoot tips from Jill Marzion

Location, location, location – If your photographer shoots in natural light, they will most likely be photographing you outdoors. When deciding on a spot for your session, pick a familiar spot or at the very least, visit your location prior to your picture day. If your family loves the beach or has a special hiking trail, go to those spots! New locations can be a major distraction for children so keep it familiar if possible.

Location is a key factor for photo shoots

Time of day matters – If you have children, you know their schedule better than anyone else. Do your best to make sure they are well-rested and fed. My favorite time to shoot is an hour or so before sunset, but if that doesn’t work for your family, say it. There are no guarantees with kids, but if you can be proactive you’re less likely to encounter a melt down.

Time of day matters

It’s all about the kids – As a parent myself, my mom instincts take over when watching my children interact with adults. Instead of quickly correcting your kiddo or coaching them to act a certain way, fight your urges and take a more hands-off approach. Give control over to the photographer and if some bribing or ice cream as a reward is mentioned, go with it!

It's all about the kids

Trust – If you hired your favorite photographer, it is pretty likely you already love their style and work. Go into the session with the mindset that no matter what they have up their sleeve, the end result will be awesome. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your photographer is and the better the images turn out – it’s a win-win!

Trust is the most important

Photos courtesy of Jill Marzion. This article was originally published as an Mpix blog post called 5 Things Your Photographer Wants You to Know. To see more of Jill’s gorgeous work, visit her blog and Instagram.


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