4 Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

tips for getting more likes on instagramtips for getting more likes on instagramtips for getting more likes on instagram

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who likes sharing snapshots of your journey with the world, Instagram is quickly becoming the best place to do that. And who can deny the small amount of satisfaction you get every time you see that heart icon pop up, letting you know one more person has liked your post? Follow these tips to maximize the amount of hearts for your next photo.

forget the selfies and opt for a self-portraitforget the selfies and opt for a self-portraitforget the selfies and opt for a self-portrait

Everyone is capable of finding a flattering angle and applying a filter to add just the right amount of sun-kissed glow. Take your selfies to the next level by creating a self-portrait instead. Look for unusual walls or murals that can be an interesting backdrop. Even the most mundane places can become interesting if you stage it correctly. And then use a timer function available on many cameras and camera apps or have a friend step in as the photographer. 

pay attention to compositionpay attention to compositionpay attention to composition

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to understand the basic principles of composition and how to make them work for you. For instance, make sure to always fill the frame. This means making sure you’re zoomed in enough on whatever you’re taking a picture of so you don’t leave too much empty space, which can be distracting to your audience. If your camera’s zoom isn’t great, move closer! 

take your time editingtake your time editingtake your time editing

Instagram recently added much more elaborate editing options, such as the ability to adjust how much of a filter to apply. These new features allow you to make a subtle change to any image that needs a slight tweak. They also allow you to layer multiple edits to create something completely different from the original image. Play around with different levels and see what a difference it makes. If you need to go back and adjust something, but you’re not sure which tool you already adjusted, just look for the gray lines under the edits you’ve made. 

go publicgo publicgo public

Make your profile public. This opens up your possible viewership to anyone in the world who has Instagram. It also gives you a chance to be included in Instagram’s new Discover feature, an aggregate of different photos from around the world that Instagram thinks people might be interested in. Make the most of this feature by putting your best work out there and attracting new followers and people who will click that heart button!


Kola Photography(non-registered)
Awesome blog post. I have a photography page, and rely on several of these principles to increase engagements. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you take time putting content together and get little engagement, but it's also rewarding when you see another one of your posts receive twice as much engagement than the one that received little engagement. I especially love your tips on self portraits versus selfies. I'm a huge self portrait guy because they allow you to communicate so much more than a selfie and in a far more creative way. Thanks for sharing.

Alex Thaimor(non-registered)
Thank you for this useful tips.I was very sad because of the less likes in instagram
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