4 Tips for Growing Your Instagram Following

These may not get you Insta-results, but they will help you grow your account

Instagram is quickly becoming a key marketing tool for individuals, small businesses, and well-known brands. For photographers, the visual nature of Instagram is the most relevant way to connect with more people and get your work out there. While there are tons of ways to easily and quickly grow your following (i.e., paid followers), we offer some tips for growing your audience in a more organic way. 

Stop paying attention to how many followers you haveStop paying attention to how many followers you haveStop paying attention to how many followers you have

It’s a little bit like the saying, “A watched pot never boils.” If your goal is to grow your number of followers, the best thing you can do is concentrate on everything besides that. Focus your energy on putting out great images and cultivating a unique look, instead of trying to figure out what other people want. 

Experiment to find your own styleExperiment to find your own styleExperiment to find your own style

Finding your unique style is a process that could potentially last a lifetime because it will evolve as time goes on. Trying out different perspectives can help you realize what it is you’re trying to say with your work. Once you’ve found your style, try to maintain a sense of consistency, which your viewers will appreciate. 

Get involved with the communityGet involved with the communityGet involved with the community

The Instagram community is an incredibly engaged one. Try to get involved by finding other brands and photographers that appeal to you. Follow them and comment on the posts that interest you. A little bit of shameless self-promotion doesn’t hurt here either. Ask them to check out your work and see if they can offer any suggestions or feedback. Simply put, give others the attention that you’d like to receive yourself. Also, don’t forget to respond to comments on your own posts!

Shoot, post, repeatShoot, post, repeatShoot, post, repeat

Most importantly, you need to post regularly. This is the only way to help people remember who you are and that you’re putting your work out there. Give yourself a requirement of X amount of posts per week, and stick to it no matter what. If you decide a few months later that that one photo you posted of a pigeon on a sidewalk isn’t up to your standards anymore, just delete it from your collection!


This is always a challenge. Even when you're doing the right things, it can at times be quite challenging and frustrating. But like you said, it's important to be reminded that content and engagement creates opportunities for increasing followers.
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