How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot

Tips on how to prepare for your upcoming engagement session

Most wedding photographers offer packages that include an engagement session. These sessions come in handy for many reasons. They help you get to know your photographer on a deeper level before the day of your wedding so that your wedding shots will be even better. It also gives you tons of pictures to work with for DIY projects to remember this amazing time in your lives. We asked Photographer Central Pro Sunee Palladay for some tips on planning the perfect engagement photo session. 

Use Pinterest for Inspiration

Create a Pinterest inspiration board with your photographer to get on the same page and to collect ideas together. You and your photographer can pin images to this board that will help inspire every aspect of your own shoot, such as the mood, lighting, poses, and props.

Engagement photo from Joy Marie PhotographyEngagement photo from Joy Marie PhotographyEngagement photo from Joy Marie Photography

Avoid Matching Outfits

Plan out your wardrobe ahead of time. While it’s best to dress in similar styles, avoid being too matchy-matchy and color-coordinated. You want to look like a couple, not the Partridge family.

Table4 Weddings Photography and VideographyTable4 Weddings Photography and VideographyTable4 Weddings Photography and Videography

Pick a Palette

Decide on a color palette for the shoot. Pinterest is a helpful tool for this. You don’t have to decide right off the bat what colors you want. Just start pinning things that resonate with you, and the color palette might end up presenting itself to you. 

Clarkie PhotographyClarkie PhotographyClarkie Photography

Set a Meeting Beforehand

Always schedule a pre-session consultation with the photographer. This will give you a chance to get to know each other better. Your photographer will also appreciate getting to know you as individuals and as a couple, and will be better able to incorporate your personalities into the shoot.

Devin Hunt PhotographyDevin Hunt PhotographyDevin Hunt Photography

Your engagement session will be a memorable way to prepare your hearts and your minds for the day of your wedding. Make the most of it by communicating with your photographer and coming up with things to try ahead of time. 

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